Elise is the only person I've ever met who hasn't lost the child-like perspective of fun and excitement while being able to keep everything around her in order. She is an intelligent business women, a creative artist, an analytical computer scientist, a proud homemaker, and a caring friend. We've shared countless adventures in our time together, but still my favorite moments are just being in her embrace right here at home.


Bookis is the best friend I've always been waiting for. The baby of three boys raised in Salt Lake City, he serendipitously transplanted to Seattle in 2006. Bookis is a humble polymath who succeeds at anything he puts his mind to: ultramarathon running, web development, painting, teaching, and recreational physics. His kindness, wisdom, and generosity is contagious. I'm one lucky lady!


Please Join us on February 8th in Port Gamble, Washington

1:00 pm - Ceremony

St. Paul's
31899 State HWY 104
Port Gamble, WA 98364
P: (360)-297-8074

2:30 pm - High Tea Reception

Hood Canal Vista Pavilion
4740 NE View Drive
Port Gamble, WA 98364
P: (360)-297-8074

Port Gamble is approximately 1.5 hours from Seattle on the Kitsap Peninsula. We recommend taking the 11:10am Edmonds ferry to Kingston.


While Port Gamble is an easy day trip from Seattle, the Kitsap Peninsula is a beautiful place for a weekend away. 45 minutes to the north of Port Gamble is Port Townsend, which we highly recommend! Some of the top-ranked Port Townsend hotels include: